Amper Watch

The world's first electro-stimulator watch that uses low-frequency pulse current technology.

Combine the knowledge of modern science and technology.

Principle of operation Amper Watch:

A short pulse of electric current is passed through two electrodes located on the back of the watch. When in contact with the hand, the pulse current interacts with the current of the human body. Reaching a peak voltage at a certain moment and then giving way to a pause, depending on the mode.

How does it work Amper Watch?

Low-frequency currents act primarily on muscle and nerve fibers. Electricity is passed through the tissue from one electrode to the next.

The principle of action of electric current on cells:

passing through the membrane of a neuron, electrons change its electrical potential;
during a pause, the potential on the membrane returns to its normal value;
this leads to a short-term excitation of the cell and a return to a state of rest;
a signal from nerve cells causes muscle fibers to contract;
at a certain frequency, the transmission of a pain signal through the nervous tissue is inactivated;
the transfer of chemicals through the cell membranes of all types of tissues is accelerated;
blood flow is activated.

Main functions Amper Watch:

1. Charges the body

2. Improves blood circulation

3. Relieves muscle pain

4. Destroys viruses and bacteria

5. Strengthens muscles

6. Increases immunity

Features Amper Watch:

1.  Mobility

2.  Easy 3-way button operation

3.  Comfortable feeling

4.  The technology of low frequency pulse currents is used

5.  Safety and reliability of the device

6.  Eight stimulation modes

7.  Five levels of exposure power

8.  Time modes from 15 to 1 minute

9.  Wake up on a given mode

10. High quality components

Operating modes Amper Watch:

1st mode. Str - has a tonic effect.

2nd mode. Wei - corrects weight.

3rd mode. Acu - Replaces conventional acupuncture and is used both for toning - with a short (3 to 5 minutes) exposure, and for sedation - with a long (10 to 30 minutes) exposure.

4th mode. Man- by the mechanism of action is similar to acupressure. It is mainly used to relieve spasms, relieve pain, and treat peripheral paralysis.

5th mode. Cup - cupping massage. The electrical impulse in this mode acts on the tissue similarly to vacuum massage cups. Improves blood circulation, relieves pain and spasms.

6th mode. Scr - Reduces pain, inflammation and helps to restore the patency of the meridians and thus normalizes the circulation of energy through them.

7th mode. Mas - Acts like a classic manual massage using the techniques of rubbing, kneading and pulling the tissue.

8th mode. Hyp - wellness.

Important notes:

1. Amper Watch is not a medical device

2. If you have a serious medical condition, always consult your doctor.

3. To avoid the development of undesirable effects of electrical stimulation, do not exceed the recommended maximum duration of stimulant exposure - 40 minutes per day